How Many Types of Butterflies Are There?

There is still no exact answer to the question how many types of butterflies are there. New types of butterflies are being discovered every day. Butterflies live everywhere except Antarctica. In addition, butterfly types are divided into subtypes, so the numbers very deepening on classification used by different scientists. However, the most common answer is that there are around 28,000 species of butterflies worldwide, 80% of them live in the tropics. Butterflies love warm climate because they can fly only if their body temperature is above 86 degrees. Around 800 species are found the USA and Canada and about 2000 in Mexico.
Unfortunately, many types of butterflies are endangered all over the world. The following species are commonly listed as endangered:

  • Bay Checkerspot Butterfly
  • Callippe Silverspot Butterfly
  • El Segundo Blue Butterfly
  • Fender's Blue Butterfly
  • Karner Blue Butterfly
  • Lange's Metalmark Butterfly
  • Lotis Blue Butterfly
  • Mission Blue Butterfly
  • Mitchell's Satyr Butterfly
  • Myrtle's Silverspot Butterfly
  • Palos Verdes Blue Butterfly
  • Quino Checkerspot Butterfly
  • Schaus Swallowtail Butterfly
  • San Bruno Elfin Butterfly
  • Smith's Blue Butterfly
  • Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly
  • Saint Francis' Satyr Butterfly
  • Behren's Silverspot Butterfly
  • Oregon Silverspot Butterfly
In the US there are more over 20 endangered butterfly and moth species.