Butterfly Needle for Blood Collection

Butterfly type needle for injections short needle that has plastic tabs on either side which aid especially in manipulating and stabilizing the needle during insertion. Butterfly needles, also known as winged infusion sets, are a very common needle style used to collect blood during a venipuncture. The butterfly needle consists of the stainless steel collection needle fitted with flexible "wings," which the phlebotomist uses to grip the needle, and a valve that attaches to a tube, through which blood drawn flows into a collection tube. Butterfly needles are popular because of their ease-of-use, and their size makes them an optimal choice for drawing blood from children or geriatric patients. Needlestick injury risk is very high when using butterfly needles. Be sure to handle them carefully and always retract them using the safety device after removal!

How to Insert a Butterfly Needle

Butterfly Needle Misconceptions

Despite its small diameter and unimposing appearance, butterfly type needles do not always result in less pain to the patient. Butterfly needles are short, and multiple sticks may be required to hit a vein. Blood clotting within the tube is possible, and if this occurs, a re-stick of the patient is necessary.